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Client Testimonials

Some of the real changes made for clients

" It works. Gill has a playful yet practical approach with lot of really little useful, reassuring and can-do advices that helped me to turn that feeling of helplessness and avoidance into the feeling of being back into control and trusting myself and situation that everything will be fine. Gill is gently holding you in a safe space yet efficiently guiding you out of current to more desired state. I am very grateful for her help. Thank you very much and wishing you lot of success!"

Gill was very caring and kind and understanding.
I felt at ease with her.
I contacted her as I had a medical procedure scheduled.
I had become in a terrible state with worry fear anxiety wanting to cancel it.
I had hypnotherapy with gill and eft which were totally effective.
When it came to the procedure I honestly breezed through it.
Having hypnotherapy has been quite life changing really on every level.
Thank you very much

I have always wanted to try hypnotherapy, but felt unsure of what to expect. I needn’t have worried - Gill’s calm approach immediately put me at ease, I felt very comfortable and relaxed while my treatment took place, and I remained relaxed and happy for the rest of the day
The main issue I wanted Gill’s help with was an overall lack of self-esteem and confidence in myself - along with my life-long habit of people pleasing. Straight away, I was able to see that I was never as helpless as I liked to imagine myself, and that it’s my own responsibility to take action.
During the days since my treatment, I’ve felt a much greater sense of accepting my true self, and being less critical of myself. I feel more confident and motivated, and much more optimistic for my future. Without my having said anything, both my family at home and my colleagues at work have started treating me with more respect, in the way I’ve always wanted. I feel that I’m somehow giving off a different vibe, and people around me sense the change, without it needing to be discussed.
Interestingly, I’d somehow ended up with a summer wardrobe of almost entirely black t-shirts, and when Gill asked during the treatment what colour I could see, my mind was filled with orangey yellows. I’ve since bought some clothes in those colours which make me feel great. It was a big surprise, as these weren’t the kind of colours I would previously have considered at all.
Overall, my treatment has brought me a sense of clarity of what I want to work on and sort out in my future, and I’m currently looking at retraining for a new job. I have a huge feeling of optimism, excitement and a sense of “watch this space” - so thank you so much for this, Gill

Gill has helped me move on with my life and move beyond some terrible memories of when my husband left. Even though it was years later that day still  felt as though it had yesterday.

Gill used EFT and hypnosis to remove the trauma that I still felt. The tapping brought a lot of trauma to the surface and there were quite a few tears!

All the way through I felt Gill’s kindness and understanding as she led the session in an authoritative way. Afterwards I was exhausted but felt a

sense of having done some important work deep inside.

I am now three months on, and I can

honestly say the session with Gill created a mini-miracle. I no longer feel

eep unhappiness when I think of that time. I remember it, but it feels so long ago – almost as if it happened to someone else.

Thank you Gill.

Working with Gill has been the best experience of my life. I really connected well with her, it was like being with a friend.
I went to her because I wanted to stop after years of smoking, and Gill changed my life for the better.
I'm healthier and happier living a better lifestyle!
I 100% recommend Gill for hypnotherapy.
Thank you Gill, you're amazing!

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